Business Advice Service

The business of employing people is full of pitfalls, and, for many employers, their biggest cost. It is an area where every organisation needs specialist help.

Professional advice and consultancy can make all the difference to the performance and profitability of your business and its growth, whether it’s just starting out or family firm that has been trading for generations.

When you start up your business you want to be able to get on with just that, so I tailor my services to meet your requirements taking into account your circumstances and aims.

At Capital Talks, we offer a free, initial consultation to start-up and small with medium-sized enterprises. You’ll be able to discuss your issues with an expert member of our team in a meeting that will usually last around an hour. Typical reasons why people consult us include starting a business, tax matters, financial management, access to finance or turnaround and restructuring, but you can discuss any business issue you wish.

There are no strings attached and following the initial meeting, you will be free to end your involvement with us. However, you may find that we can provide advice and services that can help you and your business.

If this is the case, we would be happy to continue to work with you on a fee-paying basis, and we offer flexible options to spread the cost.